New Patients

Welcome! You've taken a positive step in the right direction.


Once you've scheduled your first appointment, you will be emailed a link to complete your intake online. Please make sure to do this before you come in if at all possible. It's not automatic, so if you haven't received it on the day of your first appointment, or if you're scheduling for the same day, please call, text or email your acupuncturist to request it. They may not have seen your new appointment yet. 


Wear loose, comfortable clothing that you can push above your knees and elbows.  

Sleeveless tops are helpful if you have shoulder issues. Loose necked tee shirts or very open scoop necked shirts or button up shirts allow us to get to the area if you have upper back tension/pain or neck pain if you have pain in these areas. 

If you have mid back pain and you wear a brazier, please wear one that opens in the back for better access. Sports bras are often in the way!

You'll need to remove your shoes and socks - at the table! There could be needles on the floor. Wear your shoes to the tables!


Payment for services (treatments) is by cash or check. If you have an HSA (Health Savings Account) with a debit card, you may use that to pay for treatments. If you have insurance that covers acupucnture, you pay your acupuncturist and then ask them provide a form for you to get reimbursed. Ask about this if it applies to you. You can use any form of legal tender for herbs and retail items. 


Eat something before you come. Even a few crackers or an energy bar is better than an empty stomach.  Acupuncture moves energy in your body and that can make some people lightheaded. 

Don't exert yourself physically two hours before and two hours after your treatment. Examples of exerting yourself physically are:

  • working out at the gym

  • a long, exhausting hike, bike, run or swim (more than 30-45 minutes? or whatever is too much for you and exhausts you)

  • having sex

  • dancing that works up a sweat

  • and even yoga -- A vinyasa, restorative or yin yoga class at regular room temperature is probably just fine. Hot yoga is NOT good right before and right after acupuncture.

The idea here is that you don't want to sweat or exhaust yourself right before or right after acupuncture. Your vital energy (your Qi) is scattered by extreme exercise and lost when sweating. If you come to acupuncture at these times we will be recovering you from that experience rather than making as much progress on your main concerns.

Go to our location page for details on the location and parking tips.