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Chinese herbal medicine clinic.



New Patients

New here? You can create your own account to schedule online using the buttons all over this site. You’ll get a welcome email with some basics about how our clinic works as well as links to click for your legal consent form and health history intake documents.

Click our link below to read over this new patient section to get a sense of what to expect: payment, our location, what to wear and more. Contact us if you have further questions and we’ll see you in clinic soon! 

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Open Monday thru Friday from 8-ish to 6 pm.

Our Services

We offer community acupuncture at an affordable rate so you can come in as often as you need it.

Our acupuncturists can also prescribe Chinese herbal medicines, perform fire cupping and tuina as needed, and teach TCM and holistic life-style principles for optimum health

We do private acupuncture, facial cupping with gua sha, NAET (an allergy elimination process), EFT (also known as "Tapping"), Face Reading and Health & Lifestyle Coaching.

Other services offered here include Reiki, Amma Therapy and Energy Healing. Read more about all our healing options by clicking below.

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FAQs, Scheduling & Payment

Community acupuncture treatments are offered on a $20-40 self-determined, sliding scale via cash, digital cash, HSA or check. There is an additional $10 at your first visit. 

Pay what you can to come in as often as you need to get better.  And then continue to come regularly (once a week, once every other week, once a month) to stay better and get to feeling great!

Schedule online or by calling us. Read more about acupuncture, Chinese herbs and what to expect by clicking the link below.

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We’re here to serve. Here to heal.

Our Practitioners

Read more about our practitioners, their training and specialities and how they can help your here.

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Located at 1002 N 13th Street, Boise ID 83702


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