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In addition to community acupuncture, Lynette & Davida also prescribe Chinese herbal medicines, perform cupping as needed, as well as teach TCM and holistic life-style principles for optimum health. Additionally, Lynette does NAET (an allergy elimination process), EFT (also known as "Tapping"), Face Reading and Four Voices Five Elements Coaching.

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FAQs, Scheduling & Payment

Community acupuncture treatments are offered on a $20-40 self-determined, sliding scale via cash or check. There is an additional $10 at your first visit. Pay what you can to come in as often as you need to get better.  Schedule online or by calling us. Read more about acupuncture, Chinese herbs and what to expect by clicking the link below.

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If you'd like to share your love of acupuncture and Chinese medicine with friends and family, you can pick up postcards and business cards in the clinic or download this PDF and share via email. 


Our Practitioners

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Our Clinic

1002 N 13th Street, Boise, ID 83702

Opposite to North Junior High School at the five-way intersection of Fort, 13th & O’Farrell Streets.

Park at a 45º angle if parking along our building or infant of the duplexes on O’Farrell.


Facials / Tinting / Waxing

Also inside our lovely building is “Beauty Thru Wellbeing” — a facials, tinting and waxing studio with added holistic and relaxation techniques to make your experience even more amazing. Read more, see pricing, and schedule on Mischa’s website by clicking here.