community acupuncture


Choose a payment that allows you to come in as often as you need to in order to get better.  In the beginning that might mean two or three times a week. Later on, you may come only once a month or even every few months to maintain your progress. You will be treated in a room with others.  The AFE clinic area is large with four treatment tables and a reclining chair. Group treatment serves many purposes including allowing us to charge less so that you can afford to come more often. Acupuncture works best when done a lot - especially at first and for acute conditions - and then with some regularity on an ongoing basis.


Chinese Medicinals

$40 per 30 minute consultation (plus the cost of the herbal formulas)

Chinese medicinals have a very long history. Herbs are rarely used individually.  Many of the formulas are hundreds (or a thousand) years old. Each herb in the formula has a role to play whether that is to powerfully transform your body, to strengthen the potency of another herb, to moderate an herb that has a harsh or very strong effect or to harmonize the whole formula. We carry formulas from three very reputable companies.


$60 / initial session

Your first NAET session needs to be done in a private setting. After the first session, you can follow up in the community clinic setting. 

NAET stands for Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique. This technique reduces or removes allergies and intolerances to nearly anything that triggers you. Many allergies and intolerances have an emotional or mental foundation. This process works for that, too.


Emotional Freedom Technique

Also know as "EFT" & "TAPPING"

$60 / session

Emotional Freedom Technique was stumbled upon by a psychotherapist who was studying Chinese medicine theory on the side. It was further refined by a student of his and has now gone almost viral. It is a simple technique that assists you in releasing physical symptoms, emotional trials and traumas, and even mental 'stuckness' in the form of beliefs about yourself, your body and the world that cause you suffering. It's easy to learn and is a tool you can take with you every where since the only thing you need is one hand (and sometimes only your mind) and the willingness to do it. In the first session you will learn how to do it so you can continue to use it on your own. If you prefer, you can continue to work with Lynette when you are stuck or have a difficult situation that you feel uneasy about letting go of. 

Four Voices Five Elements Coaching

$60 / session

Four Voices coaching is a process of learning to hear your own four voices: mind, heart, body and soul. These voices are already speaking to you. The mind is loud and we are very used to hearing it. The heart is confusing and we are taught to ignore it or suppress it. The body is instinctual but we have lost our instinctual nature in modern society. And the soul is that still, quiet voice that is sometimes hard to hear amid the din of modern life.  In Four Voices coaching sessions, Lynette will be a compassionate witness while guiding you as you learn to hear all four voices.


Face Reading

$108 / session

Your face reveals your inner blueprint: your gifts, challenges, fallback tendencies and comfort zones. The color of your hair and eyes, the shape of your nose, your cheeks, jaw, chin and face all reveal how you tick. Get clarity on your unique calling and purpose. Be validated for what you already know about your self and discover more. Use it to better understand yourself, your loved ones, your boss or anyone you encounter. Bring pictures of friends, family and other important people in your world and gain valuable insight into what motivates them as well making relationships with these people more harmonious.